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What is Short Track Racer?

Short Track Racer started out as a reality-comedy YouTube channel that put viewers behind the wheel and behind the scenes of a local auto racing team. The original videos still continue but STR has recently transformed into an online, multimedia community. At ShortTrackRacer.com anybody can share their love for the sport and personal experiences to the rest of their racing family through photos, videos, and blogs.



Hi, my name is Sean Foster and I’m addicted to short track racing. My parents are super proud that I left the family business to start a racing website. So far spending all my money on beer and GoPros hasn’t paid off. But you know… soon. I’m a lover of memes and dirty jokes. I race SK Modifieds at Stafford (CT) Motor Speedway on Friday nights and if you were to ask people around the race track about my driving record they would literally LOL. Basically, I’m a real catch. Anyways, I hope you all become as emotionally attached to ShortTrackRacer.com as we are!



My name is Max Collins. I am a racing fanatic and go-kart race driver with a mediocre record. As far as my business qualifications are concerned, I started and ran a successful restaurant in Connecticut and decided to sell it in order to pursue a career as an online short track stock car racing guy. That ought to explain everything. Thanks for visiting our site, enjoy!



Our goal is to create an online community for short track racing enthusiasts. A place to interact, share, and engage. To promote the appealing side of local auto racing through photos, videos, and blogs. Our overall goal is to strengthen the sport by entertaining, educating, and inspiring.