Short Track Racing | A Vision Of Our Sport’s Future: Part 7 – Facility Uses and Extra Activities

Facility Uses & Extra Activities

Most racing facilities are on twenty-plus acres of land with concessions, bathrooms, parking room, lighting, and grandstands. So with all of that freedom why would we hold only twenty nighttime events in a year?

Speedways could hold multiple events while retaining the theme of motorsports. Mud boggers, drifters, rally racers, RC car competitors, snowmobilers, street racers, and drag racers are all members of the motorsports community. As mentioned in the introduction, there is no greater activity than short track auto racing so there is no need to feel threatened by other avenues of the sport. These are folks with a similar interest and if they take notice to short track racing then there is a good chance they will venture to the race track on a Saturday night. It is not reasonable to shun certain motorsport communities as it would only make sense for us to work with others in the industry even if their style doesn’t quite match ours.

Beyond motorsports, community related events would be practical activities on speedway property. Special holiday events could be held while retaining a motorsports theme or to build up to a racing event. For example, a “Light Up the Speedway” Christmas event could be created with proceeds going to a charity of choice. Giving back to the community is a great way to build a positive image for our speedways.

A few extra ideas for additional events include driving experiences, testing days, physical challenges, car shows, swap meets, farmer’s markets, town fairs/festivals, and a drive-in theater with the availability of renting big screen televisions. Off season storage, bar/restaurants, and dining halls could also be created if the track is fortunate to have on-site buildings. Having a go-kart or quarter midget track on the facility grounds could be beneficial because it can create a progressive system as a stepping stone to the big show.

Within these suggestions, there is potential for additional income and the ability to bring people from the community together at the race tracks.

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