Short Track Racing | A Vision of Our Sport’s Future: Part 8 – Marketing


As mentioned in the introduction of this statement, in front of us is a beautiful, fascinating sport that has potential to grasp the hearts of many. However, short track racing has an image problem that needs overhauling before concentrating on massive outreach.

Short track racing is lacking fashionable image appeal, making it difficult to connect our sport with the younger crowd. If we want our future generations growing into the sport then we have to work on building the “cool factor” of the sport.

Creating a more modern and alluring image includes stylish apparel. We have to study trends in fashion and notice the attire that’s proven successful in other industries, including other types of motorsports. Attracting young fans means building a connection with them and apparel is an effective way to have them accept the image of short track racing.

We are in an era in which media is everywhere and this is not going to change. High quality photography and film are so prevalent in our world, yet short track racing is far behind the times in this aspect. We have to work hard to grasp the interest of talented film and media experts who can help effectively promote the gifted and marketable racers of a race track or series.

Short track racing is full of dazzling sights and moments. A considerable amount of effort should be put into capturing the picturesque visuals of race nights. Track operators have to think like a photojournalist in order to provide the public with intriguing images. For example, photos can be more captivating with radiant backdrops and/or foregrounds. It would be beneficial to evaluate photos generally taken at a speedway and to contemplate ways to enliven those moments.

Obtaining compelling photos is useless if not shared effectively. Distributing photos to the public is a key element in exposing our product of short track racing. Our speedway and series operators have to become social media experts (or hire people who are) by finding the best ways to engage and share our product with the public.

Methods of increasing outreach of short track racing is constantly changing and it is crucial to keep up to date with trends in marketing. Traditional advertising methods (TV, print, radio, billboards) have decreased in value, mostly because of the high impact of social media marketing. Social media has become such a valuable marketing tool because of the ability to target specific interest groups and the advantage of analyzing trackable results.

Our speedways and series have to take advantage of all online media sharing opportunities. Live video capturing should be experimented with, not shunned. These social media tools are the future and opportunities should not be limited. When it comes to outreach and exposure, our sport is already far behind. Why would we place barriers in a sport that is already struggling for public awareness?

Free exposure is a sensible idea for any type of sporting or entertainment business. Our speedways should have exceptional communication and understanding with members of various media outlets. We should have knowledge of what it would take for these outlets to frequently cover our events. Once the criteria is established, tracks should be setting goals in reaching that benchmark.

Short track racing is a beautiful sport and we have to highlight that appeal by tweaking our image and increasing outreach. In order to improve our product we have to believe in the greatness and potential of the sport. Our sport contains great entertainment and we have to ability to provide a great community service. People have to be educated of the rich history of short track racing and exposed to this great product we have. We have to believe in short track racing and it’s appeal. Our speedways also have to believe in its surrounding town and/or city. Track operators have to believe in its beauty and image… and work with it.

Track management quick reference:

-Is there a talented and trusted graphics designer within the speedway’s circle?

Eye-catching banners have to be frequently created for on-site and digital marketing.

-Is there a social media expert on hand?

Become a master of online networks or hire somebody who is. Adapt or die.

-Is there plenty of mid-week and off-season buzz being created?

The more we can surround people’s lives in short track racing the more enthusiasts we can create around our sport.

-What’s up with contracted track photographers?

High quality photographers and videographers can be extremely valuable for a speedway’s outreach. However, contracted track photo and video personnel are not beneficial unless they are uploading, sharing, and tagging on social media. Why hire a track photographer if the photographs aren’t being heavily dispersed for the public to view and share?


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