Today we’re putting the spotlight on Brittany Hapney from Foxxie Photography. While we instantly took a liking to all of her photo work, we specifically noticed her focus on the people and sights around the local short tracks. Of course we find the racecars around our sport as super cool… but Brittany likes to target the racers, race teams, and the moments that we may not take in during the commotion of race night.

When we reached out to Brittany seeking permission to use her photos in our “Cool Photos of the Week” albums she gladly approved and submitted some of her favorite photos to us. Brittany’s passion for racing and photography is very noticeable through her work and her enthusiasm is quite intriguing. That’s why we decided to reach out and ask a few questions about her background.

We are excited to have Brittany and Foxxie Photography as part of our online community and we look forward to collaborating with her in the future. Since connecting with Brittany we’ve enjoyed following her on social media and suggest you all do the same!

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Spotlight: Brittany Hapney, Foxxie Photography:

Hometown: Parkersburg, WV

Age: 28

How did your interest in racing begin? I’ve been going to the dirt track for as long as I can remember. My parents started taking me as a little girl and my love and involvement with the sport has continued to grow throughout the years, from just spectating, to singing the National Anthem for tracks and some crown jewel events, to getting involved in photography and incorporating my photography and knowledge of the sport into my work with Mid-American Racing Updates.

How did your interest in photography begin? I’ve always been obsessed with taking photos because I love capturing moments that I don’t want to forget. If I can photograph a moment, I’ll always have a photo to fall back on and remember that time. My husband bought me a Canon DSLR camera for Christmas last year and it’s been put to good use ever since! I still have a lot to learn, but it’s something I’ve always been passionate about and thoroughly enjoy!

Favorite type of racing shot? I love capturing the behind the scenes details in the pits. I love being able to shed light on the badass drivers behind the wheel. I’m a huge fan of candid shots- when the driver doesn’t know he/she is being watched and I’m able to catch them in their element and in the zone.

What is your outlook when getting the shots you want? With my style of photography, It’s really about being in the right place at the right time… Passing by a pit stall while the driver is sitting on his rear tire, or a crew man is working on the engine, or the driver has his helmet sitting out. Things like that is what I look for and love to capture.

What’s your favorite track? It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one. I can’t NOT say Eldora, because you can’t match that atmosphere. There’s nothing like it. But I grew up going to Ohio Valley Speedway (Lubeck, WV) and Atomic/KC (Waverly, Ohio) so those two places will always hold a special place in my heart.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? Five years from now, I hope my husband and I have a little one running around that I hope will pick up on my love of racing. I hope that my photography side business will have picked up some and I’m able to keep doing what I love. I just hope I’m able to keep going to the track and am able to continue to make memories with my friends and family.

Who are your biggest supporters? My parents and my husband for sure. They’ve stood beside me through everything I’ve ever tried to do and every dream I’ve ever had with nothing but love and support! Also, my co-contributors at Mid-American Racing Updates, Mike and Tyler, they’ve been super supportive and have given me a platform to be able to showcase some of my photos I take on a weekly basis!

Any advice for up and coming photographers? Photograph what you’re passionate about. Your passion will show through your photography!