WINNERS: Preston Peltier – Summer Showdown (Evergreen)

Preston Peltier, California native currently residing in North Carolina, won his second consecutive Summer Showdown at the 5/8 asphalt oval of Evergreen (WA) Speedway on Sunday. Peltier dominated the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour event leading 167 of 200 laps taking home the $25,000 winning prize. Chris Davidson finished second with Robb Touchette finishing third.

Preston Peltier celebrating his victory. (Michele Martin/Speed51 photo)

Cars lined up on the 3/8 mile track as the 5/8 mile track is being dried. (Michele Martin/Speed51 photo)

Preston Peltier 48 and Lex Johnson 22 battle for the lead early in the race. (Michele Martin/Speed51 photo)

3 wide in turn 2 with Jesse Jensen 31, Dan Moore 16, and Trenton Moriarity j12. (Michele Martin/Speed51 photo)

Jesse Jensen has contact with Brittney Zamora 52 and Jeff Knight 70 slides trying to avoid contact behind them. (Michele Martin/Speed51 photo)

Last few laps with P1 and P2 of the race. (Michele Martin/Speed51 photo)

Backstretch of gorgeous Evergreen Speedway with Eddie Vecchiarelli B12. (Michele Martin/Speed51 photo)

Preston Peltier. (Michele Martin/Speed51 photo)

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